Me: Wow my game is really slow

Game: Delete your cc 

Me:image sorry what i cant hear you 

Game: Sigh

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Here David once again!
"Twinkly Twinkly" Strange name, isn’t it? LOL
They’re Ready for Download After weeks of work! Specially for my friend Stella, who’s the reason of a lot of things ♥

I highly recommend you to go and download to my Blogger for see the important details about this with Mirrors, HD Images and More!
In case you don’t want:
Package | Sims3Pack

Don’t be reUploading my things, Thank you ♥

These are awesome!

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Derpy Aimee ヾ(●゜ω゜●)ノ


moonie and linde

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Update: I did a print screen. This is my horse in a water taxi. I’m still laughing.


a house that I built on sunday ._.

And here are the picture of the living room and study room ._.


toby brought her hitomi doll over to the bc house


sexy happy birthday time to my literal twin muffin love, poppet!

sorry i’m late my darling, i haven’t been able to go in game for 5453 years ;-;

i love you so much though that sometimes i burst into song ♥


A short promotion of Nraas’ amazing Dresser mod, in case you’re not familiar with it already.

Download the Dresser mod from Nraas here: http://nraas.wikispaces.com/Dresser

1) A quick way to remove ALL accessories from every person in town (for those times when you get frustrated seeing sparkly sunglasses and crowns and deer antlers on townies…. or in Aurora Skies where everyone annoyingly wears gloves with every outfit by default!) You can also do this on individual sims by clicking the sim instead of City Hall.

Click on City Hall —> Nraas —> Dresser —>
Check Outfits —> Accessories —> Remove All

2) Apply settings for frequency of accessories and makeup, the ages and genders they’ll apply to, and number of total items applied (ie. only 2 accessories maximum for women, 1 for men)

Click on City Hall —> Nraas —> Dresser —>
Check Outfits —> Accessories or Makeup

3) Auto switch out of sleepwear/naked/athletic outfits upon leaving the house and/or auto switch out of sleepwear to everyday when leaving the room

Click on City Hall —> Nraas —> Dresser —>
Transition —> Switch On Outside or Switch Sleepwear on Room Change


Some related CAS functionality in Nraas’ Master Controller Mod:

Download the Master Controller mod here: http://nraas.wikispaces.com/MasterController

Click on City Hall —> Nraas —> Master Controller —>
Settings —> CAS —> 

  • allow adult clothes/accessories for teens and/or elders

  • multiple accessories per location (upper and lower earrings!)

  • multiple makeup per location (no need to sacrifice eyeliner for SClub’s beautiful eyelashes!)

  • show in compact form accessories/clothing/hats (this is a performance booster - it hides all alternate colors of items so you see three different items per row)

  • slider multiple (to exaggerate the effects of body and facial sliders)

  • blacklist (CTRL + right-click on an item in CAS to hide it going forward for that gender/age/clothing type… ie. heels which are misclassified for swimwear)


Sidenote - Its possible to save settings for all your Nraas mods to reapply them quickly in other towns using his Overwatch mod. Click on City Hall —> Nraas —> Overwatch —> Immediate —> Export Settings


Palmira aged up and in a way reminds me a little of Anna Kendrick idk?????




Lookbook time ^.^

Hair | bandana | top | shorts | shoes


I love her =3