Baby Alexa! Alexa and Narissa Alexa being tickled!

Baby Alexa!!

So once Isabella and Narissa got back from their honeymoon, they were determined to get Isabella pregnant. It took a few tries, but it worked. Isabella bought she and Narissa pregnancy books (yay gift giving) Next thing you know… Isabella had a baby girl! [This is one of the main reasons I even wanted to have two women have a child… its physically impossible in real life and I really wanted to find out what the child would look like!]

She obviously got most of her looks from Isabella, but there’s a little of Narissa in there, if mostly the hair/eye coloring. I have snuck a peak at how she looks as she ages… and I will post pics. I know I have to post a lot more pics of Alexa. Also pics of Alexa and Isabella together. I’ll get there, I’ll get there.

Because Alexa looks so much like Isabella, she also looks best in the same hairstyles… which is going to get complicated. While I’m on the topic of hair… that hairstyle on Alexa is easily the most flattering hairstyle ever. It looks good on everyone I’ve tried it on. If I could somehow make my hair look like that, I’d actually be willing to have short hair. But it would never actually look like that. But seriously… it looks good on every girl I’ve tried it on. Kind of amazing…

I have to admit I want to have a bunch of other kids just to find out what they will look like. I want to find out what a boy would look like, and I also want to see another girl who maybe looks more like Narissa.

Narissa called in to take a couple days of work off in addition to her maternity leave. The two have been very attentive parents… and have successfully taught Alexa how to walk and talk! Alexa is even already potty trained!

Since Narissa goes back to work tomorrow, Isabella will be giving primary care. The game keeps trying to make Isabella want to quit work, but there is no point. Isabella is a self-employed painter. She can work when she wants. She paints all the time on her own, she’s not going to stop, so she might as well continue grow in her career if she enjoys it anyway when she does actually have some free time.